The House of Salt & Such will market to like-minded guests with whom we can share personal and intimate experiences with on a small or large scale. We will market initially to:


  1. The existing guest registry through an intense rebranding campaign, gathering feedback, both positive and negative and applying this feedback for growth.

  2. LGBTQ communities of the major metropolitan areas of the Northeast, targeting groups who enjoy modern experiences with a twist.

  3. Local and national artists and artist communities who want an inspirational stay.

  4. Food bloggers, photographers, experienced and inexperienced culinarians.

  5. Guests looking to book destination events such as sea-side weddings, water excursions, or maybe just a simple family cookout on the beach.


The House will also use the Salt & Such blog to build a guest base from its followers, sponsors, and financial supporters. Off-peak season The House will be used to host workshops and cultural retreats, focusing on photography and food for enthusiasts from all over the globe. The same enthusiasts who will go home, after an artistic retreat, to promote the experience they had at the inn. Maria currently has a variety of bloggers and photographers she works with on her blog.


In addition, this is a sampling of those to whom The House will be promoted (including Instagram handles): (@local_milk), (@sundaysuppers), (@christiannkoepke), (@anisa.sabet), (@linda_lomelino), (@whatforbreakfast) and others.


The House will offer additional creative-inspired concepts to promote the inn off season, these include live-in workshops about going green, hosting sustainability talks, and literary salons.

Marketing Strategy


The House of Salt & Such believes nothing sells the brand more than showing the potential market all that makes it shine. A marketing philosophy which starts at home.


Branding locally. The hosts will first build relationships with the community which will help them succeed. They will work with restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, bars and general retail businesses to help promote the brand. Leveraging resources to offer guests a complete experience, from a great restaurant recommendation to coordinating a sail around the cape at sunset.


Farming connections. The House will place a high premium on having direct relationships with the farms we supply from and on being able to audit their methods personally. By working with local farms, we are able to ensure the quality of food coming directly to you while also supporting Provincetown’s small business community.


Business paring. The hosts will locate opportunities with other businesses to pair experiences for the guests. As an example: offering a weekend package where the guest pays one fee that includes a stay at The House and a 2-hour sail. Sample business


Social media development. A key to success in keeping the current guest base, while also attracting the next generation of guests, will include developing an engaging online presence. The social media strategy will include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.


Blogging culture. Keeping with the current food blog Maria manages, The House will partner with food, travel and LGBTQ focused blogs to help build the business. Also, to share business practices which will make The House a premier Provincetown destination.


Traditional internet. In addition to advertising and branding on the traditional travel sites. The House will pair with boutique sites that cater to a certain guest base. Examples include,,, and others.


The final piece of the long term marketing strategy is developing a Brand Development Stage. This stage will take the brand to the next level by hiring and utilizing a knowledgeable marketing strategist. For this phase, The House would contract the artistic talent of Eric Mathias at

Marketing Strategy


Menus are seasonally-based, meaning we do our best to choose from what is available during the growing season, creating a farm-to-table experience fresher than any. We intend to rely heavily on local produce and seafood in the late spring, summer and early fall. In winter we will turn to age-old preservation techniques from the summer bounties, mixed with modern hydroponics, to serve delicious meals year-round.


The House will have an ever rotating selection of non-alcoholic beverages available day and night. This includes: coffee, various teas, seasonal fruit juices, sparkling and still waters, and seasonal fruit and vegetable-flavored waters. In the evenings, and during select morning events, guests will be treated to a variety of wines, champagne, beer,

and craft cocktails.

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Your hosts at the House of Salt & Such are a spirited trio with varied histories and professional backgrounds, making them perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind lodging experience. As innkeepers at The House, they are more than a simple concierge, they are warm hosts who will cater to individual guest needs during their stay, from making reservations and calling in reservations, down to providing conversation, with laughter, to pass the time.

Guest Experience


Operational Policies for The House will be simply structured. We do not believe in a long list of rules, and strive to cultivate comfort and inspire creativity by keeping house rules to a minimum.


Check in time for guests will be 3:00PM and checkout time will be 11:00AM. The desk hours will be fully staffed and functional from 7:00AM–12:00PM and 2:00PM–7:00PM.


Breakfast will be served from 7:00AM–10:00AM every morning in the dining room or in the guest’s room if requested in advance (sample menu is outlined on pages 13–14). Between breakfast and the twilight wine/craft cocktail hour, The House will keep refreshments and snacks available. Wine or craft cocktails will be served in the common areas from 4:00PM–6:00PM. If requested in advance we will prepare and coordinate picnics, BBQs, dinners, and more for guest special occasions.


Cash, credit cards, PayPal will be the only accepted forms of payment. We will seek to expand payment processing to modern methods such as: Square, Google Wallet and Venmo.


Pets and smoking will not be permitted at the The House.


Eight on-site parking spots are available for compact cars, sedans, and wagons on a first-come, first-served basis.


Guests of The House are always encouraged to participate in the creative processes of the environment. This includes assisting in (and learning about) the preparation of the culinary treats. Participating in photography sessions for the blog and social media promotion for the inn. Having the opportunity to purchase locally produced food goods marketed in the kitchen, including preserves and roasted coffee. Lastly, enjoying (and purchasing) locally cultivated art in the inn; different mediums created by the local artists, on commission to The House for decorative and merchandising purposes.



The House of Salt & Such believes in excellent design, pulling from modern trends, with a twist of historic beach-life, and a touch of pop-art. The House is appropriate in its coastal environment, with an exterior palette of dark-weathered shake siding, contrasting stark white trim and a glossy-fuchsia front door, a perfectly bright hue to create excitement and surprise. The gardens, along with outdoors patios, will be minimalist but warm, slightly shocking with a welcoming modern whimsy. The intention is to put the focus on relaxing stimulation, incomparable food, and engagement among the hosts, fellow guests, and with nature.


Keeping true to the spirit of famed Massachusetts designer Paul McCobb, the interiors will be reminiscent of his furniture designs. The guest rooms will be remade into bright spaces, colored to various tones of the water, salt, and the Cape Cod life. The furnishings tastefully chosen to be modern yet timeless, visually comfortable (sometimes quirky) and relaxing in any setting. Everyone from around the world, weary with travel, from all generations, will feel comfortable and at home in the rooms of The House.