Eric Mathias is the senior creative and
art director
at National People’s Gang.

Selected clients.

Jaguar Motors





John Landis

Levitt Pavilions

State of California

Folio Society

THIS is the fun-size web version of some of my graphic design work. This is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive, just a signpost—an introduction—that points to my abilities, attention to detail, breadth of work, dedication, and confidence.

IS it easy? No. I have made my way through life—sometimes with vision, sometimes clouded by obstacles of my own making—but always with a perseverance toward a basic good; courage, wisdom, and redemption. I hope to continue to grow, and bring these values to my life and work.

FUN! I’m a good fit for my clients. I’m a dedicated professional. I take initiative. I have passion and sincerity: a good attitude. More importantly, I like to have fun. I make my work fun because I want what I do to reflect my sense of humor and my sense of life: to be both creative and vital over time.

ONE of my favorite childhood books was The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I had a ragged copy that belonged to my grandmother, newly published when she was a child, but passed down to me with frail pages stuck together with amber bits of Depression-era adhesive tape, glassy and fragile, barely able to connect the Yellow Brick Road to The Land of Oz; there seemed to be missing pages, but I was never the wiser. The book was an epiphany to me: it introduced me to print and typestyles, to illustration and storytelling (with its wider implications of subtext told within a larger story, in this case, finding and

expressing one’s political voice), color, negative space, pacing, and how the imagination works as a tool to create something new, not just an interesting way of re-imagining what already exists. Later, after repeat viewings of the 1939 film version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, I tried implementing what I knew about the book and film and apply that knowledge to my life: to colorfully communicate and share that knowledge: I was a graphic designer.

THRIVES! This one word describes my life in the city of my birth: San Francisco. In fact, I have thrived in California most of my life but have enjoyed short terms of residency in Europe and Asia. I was raised by my mother, a retired attorney and appointed state official, and father James, who was an artisan. My immediate family also includes three siblings a sister who teaches and resides near San Francisco; a younger brother who is a Superior Court judge serving in central California; and another sister who works in emerging technologies and lives her three children and a husband in the Central Coast.

THROUGH my education I have gained both first-hand experience and an expert level knowledge in a broad range of media, including print, film, video, motion, interactive media, identity, animation, typography, and packaging design. I earned my BFA in graphic design from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles in 2011. Professionally, I have worked to merge design with commerce in order to further develop innovation in the marketplace while contributing to the growth of graphic design as an art.

WORK is something I have always enjoyed. Some highlights include being a guest lecturer on Adobe and Apple software products and working as a special guest lecturer at Art Center College of Design discussing contemporary history in graphic design. I am most proud of my accomplishments as Creative Director and senior designer at National People’s Gang. Clients include Jaguar, AT&T, PBS, and Disney. I am living in California.